Apr 22, 2021 Solution

Catalog Updated! Imaging spectroradiometer capable of multipoint spectroscopic evaluation for FPD and materials.


Catalog updated on April 22!
2D imaging spectrum measurement by original spectral method

High precision spectrum evaluation of small size AR/VR display by the microscopic spectrum measurement

Small display panel used for AR/VR requires over 2000 ppi.
The existing filter-type imaging luminancemeter isn’t suitable for pixel evaluation because of the resolution of lens is not enough.
2D Spectroradiometer SR-5000 series can expand measurement capability for small pixel over 2000 ppi by combining SR-5000 macro-lens type with a microscope.
It can evaluate leakage of OLED subpixel or shift of color and spectrum caused by QD color mixing.
Field of view can be changed by combining with zoom or other lens and it evaluate mura of the spectrum, luminance and chromaticity for wide area of display panel.

2D Spectroradiometer SR-5000 series can measure 2D luminance, chromaticity, and spectrum.

2D spectroradiometer SR-5000 series can evaluate characteristics for wavelength of light sources, spectral transmittance of materials by 2D with non-destruction and non-contact. New 2D spectroradiometer, model SR-5100 can evaluate spectral of sample with 5 million pixels.
By measuring spectrum and analyzing the spectrum of the object, it can evaluate sample for not only characteristics that are difficult to detect with the human eye or filter-typed imaging luminancemeter, but also reflected light of objects and lighting simulations.


Topcon Technohouse have been offering optical instrument and solutions for optical measurement of display or materials based on original measurement technology.
We also support UV to Near Infrared Radiation measurement.

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