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「PhotolecB」Adhesive for thin wire coating and curved surface coating when assembling wearable devices.


Adhesives required for wearable devices.

Wearable devices are required to have a design and size that are easy for people to wear.
In addition, wearable devices have to be waterproof and sweat proof, which are slightly different from other devices.
Photolec B is an adhesive that can be applied to fine lines and curved surfaces, which is advantageous for the design and miniaturization required for wearable devices.
It makes it possible to assemble devices with fine lines and curved surfaces, which are difficult to do with tape or conventional adhesives.

UV + moisture curing process that enables stable coating shape and fine lines.

Sekisui Chemical's adhesive "Photolec B" is hardened by two curing processes: UV (ultraviolet) and moisture.
While conventional hot-melt adhesives cure slowly by only moisture curing, Photorec B cures quickly by irradiating with UV after application.

UV curing stabilizes coating and bonding on fine lines and 3D curved surfaces.

UV curing after application prevents unnecessary spread of the adhesive (liquid dripping) and enables stable bonding with the target line width.
It is also useage with jet dispensers and can be applied to 3D curved surfaces without contact.
It achieves similar stability on 3D curved surfaces.
It enables stable coating and bonding, optimizes adhesive space, and leads to greater flexibility in device design and miniaturization.

Excellent reliability and waterproof performance + α

After final curing, Photolec B exhibits excellent adhesive reliability and water resistance equivalent to IPX8.
We are also developing a type with chemical resistance performance for use in environments where contact with sweat is expected.


We are contributing to the evolution of displays with our particle and adhesive technologies, from liquid crystal displays to the latest displays such as the cutting-edge organic EL displays.
We are expanding our business domain from displays to various electronic devices.

Official website

PhotolecB Official webite

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